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We strive to deliver fresh, naturally-grown produce picked right from the farms to your doorstep. At Farms Mangoes , we have eliminated the exploitative practice of brokerage to provide farm- fresh mangoes at the ease of a click!

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Direct From Farms

Freshly harvested mangoes from our farms boast vibrant hues of yellow and orange, showcasing their natural ripeness. Grown under the warmth of the sun, these mangoes are characterized by their succulent flesh and sweet, tropical aroma.

Original Alphonso

Savor the taste of authenticity as these mangoes bear the mark of meticulous cultivation and careful harvesting, preserving the legacy of the world-renowned Alphonso variety.

A+ Export Quality

Grown in select orchards with meticulous attention to detail, our A+ Export Quality mangoes boast a vibrant, unblemished skin that hints at the exquisite flavor within.

100% Organic Devgad Alphonso Mangoes

Customers Reviews

Totally reliable, trustworthy website and people. Received a nice discount on my mangoes. It was nicely packed and also got it delivered in time. So far, I have purchased 15 dozen mangoes from this website. 2-3 mangoes were spoilt but that’s very unpredictable what’s inside. Overall satisfied with my purchase.
Priti Shah

100% Organic Devgad Alphonso Mangoes

The World's Best Mangoes, straight from our orchards to your table.

I ordered 2 dozens of Devgad mangoes from them out of which 4 mangoes were in bad condition. As my responsibility I informed them about this without expecting a refund. They were kind enough to add extra 4 mangoes in my next order.
Suresh Mehta
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